About Me

I’m Ada Moisă, a collage artist and graphic designer

Ever since I was a little girl I fell in love with print design (that’s why I’m also a graphic designer) & everything that’s related to it. I especially love book covers & the feeling of holding in my hands someone else’s interpretation of a story. 

That’s what I’m doing. Bringing into reality my life’s stories and memories. Inspired by my family’s background, whimsical folk stories & the talent of Terry Gilliam & Monty Python, I create visuals that hope to keep you hooked and make you wonder.


Romanian Design Week:
Colajul in epoca pandemiei

12-20 September 2020
A.M. Speciality Coffee

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Collage Festival

25-27 October 2019
Open Monteoru, Bucharest

Collage Festival ’19 reunited the creative artists’ community from Bucharest. During the 3 expo days the art enthusiasts made a visual, sensory and audio journey in surrealistic universes imagined by the exhibited artists. Collage, paintings, poetry, music, videos & theatre all under a beautiful old mansion.

Contactless Art Wall

May 2020
Galateca , Bucharest

Online exhibition with the works of a creative block of people from the pandemic.

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